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Why Travel To Colombia?

Colombia is regularly disregarded by South American voyagers because of its evident political and wrongdoing issues. Regardless, inspiring news! The seasons of gun utilizing drug cartel are done. Colombia is winding up more unfaltering than some other time in late memory and a thriving explorer industry in its primitive state is creating. Turquoise float line with cleanse shorelines, untouched amazon wild and an extraordinary culture not in any way like wherever to South America. Colombia is by and by. Bounce in before the wave arrives.

The Basics

Lingo – Spanish

Visa – On passage for by and large nationalities

Religion – Catholic

Cash – Colombian Peso COP

1 USD – 3250 COP

Normal Costs and Getting Around Colombia

Settlement – Colombia is an arrangement objective yet to save money on comfort you will more than likely need to persevere through some pain. A basic habitation bed will cost you around 10 – 15 USD, yet these are particularly essential and not endorsed in a couple of reaches. More routinely than anticipated you will spend around 15 – 30 USD, this will arrive you a private room or a more than pleasing home. In case you are scanning for the higher end Colombia has many resorts detecting its coastline and business class lodgings in the greater concentrations, I have moreover watched some marvelous significant structures where you can encounter those needs to be a Colonialist Spanish Conquistador.

Food  – If you are a tissue eater you have gone to the right place, Colombia is notable for its plates of broad orchestrated cooked meat stacking over rice and beans arranged to send you off to the ER, a more than filling plate will cost around 5 – 10 USD depending upon territory. If you are on a spending you can go to the market and eat unobtrusive close-by street sustenance, one plate for around 2 USD. Adjacent normal item is open everywhere and is incredibly poor to save money and furthermore it’s dazzling! Colombia in like manner has an exceptional assurance of top notch restaurant commonly containing fish and European style nourishment, plan to consume through 30-50 USD per individual on a night out.

Transportation – Colombia’s transportation sort out involves greater air con transports and little Busetas which are an over stuffed minivan. The minivan decision is more unsurprising and absolutely more affordable yet for long detachments isn’t a respectable decision. The greater air con transports are sensible and incurred significant injury around 2-3 USD consistently depending upon the association. In the more off the beaten track bunches you may simply be left with the littler than anticipated transport decision.


Cable Car Medellin Colombia Slum Metrocable

My Favorite Places In Colombia

Cartagena – If you are to simply go one place in Colombia make it Cartagena. Cartagena with its astounding coastline, old explorer center and inconceivable sustenance is Colombia’s shining diamond. Spend the hot bit of the day on the near to white sands, the night researching its boondocks heart and the night commending your clash on its rum transport visits.

Barichara – It’s close to nothing, and a long way from everything with the exception of Barichara certainly ought to be seen as remarkable contrasted with different places in Colombia. It’s an inquisitive boondocks town that has not changed its face in a few year. Nearby individuals are notable for eating a broad underground bug and impacting steak to sauce from it. If you have to see the more standard side of Colombia here it is.

San Gil – San Gil the experience capital. You can paraglide over the flawless farmland and beat the rapids with some wild sculling. For me I contributed my vitality crawling through natural hollows that would make a claustrophobic simply kick the can. I will recall forget my guide saying “yes you have to go submerged to get to the accompanying gap”!

BogotaColombia’s capital, its huge, its mean, and sincerely it’s kind of unnerving. In any case, it’s the new Colombia. Walking its school region and speaking with Colombians about what’s to come is an intriguing learning. Bogota similarly has a segment of the best clubs bars and discos that Colombia can boast, so get ready to party!

Colombia Landscape Mountain

Top Experiences In Colombia

Crumbling San Gil – Exploring the guano filled clasps around San Gil are not for the bashful. They require crawling through little inclines and now and again despite swimming submerged filled common hollows. However, in the occasion that you’re up for the test it’s an authentic adrenaline surge that will relinquish you with a segment of the best bar stories for home.

Riding the fogs San Gil to Bogota – The littler than regular transport between San Gil to Bogota is a long and risky enterprise. Regardless, in case you danger it you will be repaid with the move from the thick wet Amazon to course high above in the fogs on likely the most unnerving mountain boulevards conceivable… . I promise it was fantastic!

Scuba Diving Cartagena – Colombia isn’t known for its Scuba Diving, and that is effectively why it was so pleasing, we were the fundamental jumpers in find. Colombia’s marine life is similarly a comment about and you have everything to yourself.

Colombian people – Colombian are an exceptional group, atmosphere you impart in Spanish or not the will talk with you and inevitably transform into your nearest buddy inside previews of meeting. There smiles will desert you feeling this could in all likelihood be the most blissful country on the planet. Be set up to drink, Colombians couldn’t care less to hear no!

Coffee in Colombia

Top Travel Tips For Colombia

Take in some Spanish… take in some Spanish!!

Have your delayed consequence cure arranged

Drink separated water

Bogota is frigid however the sun is up ’til now consuming SPF is incredible

Make an effort not to look upward in the hollows…

Guano is bat poo

In the urban groups never walk around night time, take a cab

Everyone is neighborly yet be cautious with people offering help with the urban regions

Bring a coat and sweater, the mountains get frosty.

Be careful in the amazon locale, I was deceived by a cop

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